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Industrial Insulation  is quite a specialist field and generally involves the use of insulation materials such as Mineral or Rock fibres, Elastomeric,  Cellular Glass, Phenolic and Ceramic type products to mention a few. These may be used in conjunction with vapor barriers, flame retardants, specialist joint sealers and adhesives.

With our own fabrication workshop, Secon can ensure quality produce and quick turnaround  times from workshop floor to site.  With a collection of rolling, folding and decoiling machinery including the most up to date MABI fabrication machine, and manned by experienced sheet metal workers , we manufacture a wide range of cladding to fit pipework, ductwork, vessels and equipment.


The Building Control Act 2007 and Building Control Regulations 1997 – 2015 require certain elements of structures to have fire resistance for a specified minimum period of time.  The fire protection division offers an extensive range of boards, penetration seals, glazing and spray products designed to provide systems to meet the requirements of today’s projects.

  • TECHLITE® is a state-of-the-art, flexible foam produced from melamine resin, suitable for pipe insulation within cleanroom space areas and general insulating needs.

  • ISOGENOPAK® is a special rigid PVC film
    for jacketing of insulated pipes

  • Ceel-Co (Zeston)​

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